Happy Friday!

Happy Friday my dear friends! Are we ready for the weekend? I'm going to take that as a yes...

Now That is What I Call Art

We recently added a chalk drawing to our house, and I was looking for some chalk inspiration when I ran into these amazing drawings by Pamela Rama. Unfortunately I can't see this artwork in person unless I plan on travelling to Hanover, Germany, but the photos are plentiful. 

The playful drawings and fun typographic treatments on the two columns are well done. I'm really enjoying surge in chalk art. It is such a fun medium. Hopefully I will get really good with chalk and be able to make some drawings right now. At the moment I am just trying to figure out how to write without smearing the writing. 

Check out the rest of the photos of these columns on Behance.

Wardrobe Wednesday: In the Mood for Fall

All Images Courtesy of Refinery 29

Today is the fifth day of fall and in true San Francisco fashion it is warmer than it was all summer. But I know deep down it will soon be time for cozy sweaters, scarves, and wool pencil skirts. I couldn't be more excited. My excitement was all ready brimming over the edge, and then I received my Madewell Fall '12 catalogue in the mail. Can anyone say sheep sweaters? I think I'm in love. The colorful pants, quirky prints, and general together/messy looks scream wear me now. I'm doing everything I can not to go out and buy these pieces right now. Thank god the nearest Madewell store is a train ride away or we would be in big trouble.

366 Cool Things & One I'm Really Into

Per usual I found the above image while perusing Pinterest. I really enjoyed the colors, type, and overall message, and even wish it was a large print I could put in my room. If my boyfriend knew this he would laugh at me, because I am not exactly a rule breaker, but what does he know. 

I followed the image to the website to see if anything else cool came up and what I found was a tumbler dedicated to the idea of creating one design a day. The gentlemen, Clement, apparently did this for 113 days before getting a job in Paris and giving up, but the website shows an interesting progression of work. 

I like seeing people challenge themselves creatively, and sometimes think about doing it myself. I certainly don't love everything he did, but I can see the progression of ideas, and some are winners, like the one above. If you have a moment I suggest checking it out. 

Excited to Announce Beginners Blog & Magazine

So, I know I have been gone for awhile. But what can I say other than I have been a bad blogger. Work, tv, and a side project that I am very excited to announce all got in the way of this blog.

In March a good friend of mine, and my now co-conspirator Kylin, were exchanging emails about how we wanted our life to unfold after college, at the time she was doing a year in Philadelphia as a Philly Fellow and I was looking at the end of my 6 month contract job at the Airport. Out of this long string of emails came an idea to start a magazine and blog for 20 year old ladies. After talking and realizing that we were both going through some of the same identity crisis moments, we were sure we were not alone, and wanted a place for people to commiserate on how awesome and awkward being in your 20s was. And the magazine and blog were born.

I have high hopes that Beginners will turn into a great community space for inspiring and hilarious stories. We are currently working on our first magazine issue, which will hopefully come out at the beginning of next year, but for now we have started blogging, so please check us out. And, if you want to contribute on a regular basis, or just have a great story to tell, we would love to hear it.

You can find us here: blog, website

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